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“Hard to believe it hasn’t been longer, but JoJo has been a part of the crew for one year now. She is my first Pittie and I’ve learned so much about the breed through her and this group. At first I was worried since Jo isn’t the kind of gal who is able to hang at the dog park or have dog buddies on the outside, but she is the absolute sweetest girl around. Her tag line should be,’I’m just happy to be here’ because as long as you’re around, she’s having the best day ever. Her e…ternal joy is contagious, and whether you’re gone for 3 minutes or 3 hours she celebrates your return by smothering you with love and shaking her booty so hard I think she may break her tail. She has become my constant companion, and is a loving, gentle sister to Wally. I can’t imagine my life without her. Thank you to Mark Brottman and family for fostering her and allowing her to join our family!”



This article, published in the summer of 2013, speaks of a man who killed his dog because he tore his shirt — then a small blurb at the end talks about a pitbull named Fox who had padlocks around his neck. That pitbull Fox is Peace for Pit‘s Crash:

Crash was a part of Safe Humane Chicago at the shelter. And we quickly rescued this boy, but soon found out—he had a lot of energy and lacked impulse control. A wonderful foster family, who owns The Wigglebutt Dog House Doggy Daycare and Sleepovers, Indianapolis took him and wore him out. While other dogs were sleeping at daycare, Crash was still jumping around. He has waited over a year in his foster home.

Last night, we got an update from his foster family.

“It is funny how things work with dogs. The minute I saw Jax I knew he was the dog for us, and you guys know how I felt about Batman when we first met him. Crash has been a different labor of love… but a labor of love nonetheless. There are some dogs who are easy and some who are better because of the emotional investment. I haven’t met many dogs that are more accepting and tolerant of other dogs than he is—it has always been friends at first sight. While working thru some of his behaviors has been frustrating at times, it has also been greatly rewarding. I believe Crash and I have been and are good for each other,and we have developed a real bond. He is the first one to greet me when I get home and the last one to watch when I leave. If it is building a deck, grilling dinner or starting a fire in the fireplace—he is there at my side. Probably wishing he had thumbs so he could help—his greatest reward is my attention and affection. Working with him and understanding what he responds to and how to relate to him has made me better. I love him and it just wouldn’t feel right coming home to a house without him. I believe he is where he needs to be—it is clear that he feels comfortable and safe here and he is part of our crazy family.

While I hope you guys give us the green light to adopt him, my greater hope is that you understand this is an adoption born solely out of love and a family bond. This is his forever home and would be the perfect Christmas gift for us to officially make it his forever home.”

We can’t say we didn’t cry while reading this. We took Crash on a meet and greet and when we returned him to his foster family—he cried in happiness from our car window at this sight of his foster mom. He never wanted to be with anyone else. We are happy to end this year saying that Crash has been officially adopted. Thank you to adopters who understand them as the individuals they are. And tonight, we Cheers to you Crash! You are adopted!



Lola’s owner didn’t want her and dumped her at our vet without even looking back at her. We had a foster step forward and were able to bring her in to Peace For Pits. Micheal’s family had just lost their family dog and were looking to fill the void when they met Lola and fell in love.

“She is doing great and we all love having her around, my son especially. And the feeling is mutual as she is noticeably happiest when he is around. She gets the saddest look on her face when they go to bed for the night.” ~Michael



Tagg’s (now Ace) ow arrested for selling drugs on a street corner, and Tagg was with him. He signed Tagg over to the city and Tagg became a part of Safe Humane who worked with him while he was in the shelter. Tagg was saved by a Peace For Pits foster, and then found a dedicated adopter…

“We lost our wonderful boy Blackjack in December, and our home and our hearts felt really empty. We could never replace him, but we missed having a furry friend, so we decided to look into possibly rescuing a dog. Ace caught our eye (with those gorgeous eyes of his!), and so we decided to give the foster-to-adopt a try. Over our Christmas break, we became fast friends. He always wants to cuddle and always has more kisses to give, and he has really helped to mend our broken hearts. I like to think that we have helped him a lot too. Although we are still working through the separation anxiety, he is such a fast learner and loves doing training sessions with us. We couldn’t  imagine our life without our smart boy now!” ~Laura



“Before moving to Chicago, I had never been around Pitbulls; I did not know much about the breed other than the negative things you hear. I saw a picture of a sad little dog on death row at the pound on facebook and wanted to help. As it turns out, this sweet dog was a pitbull! She came to live with me and sort of became a best friend. I thought I would be sad when she got adopted, but I found myself rooting for her. Seeing her in her knew home was one of the most rewarding things I can think of. When I think back to her terrified face in that first picture and now see her chasing a ball in her new backyard with her new family makes me smile every time. Fostering not only changed this sweet little dog’s life, but also mine. After this great experience, I had to keep fostering. I never knew an animal could express gratitude to a person, but these dogs sure did. I found myself bonding more with my fosters than my own dog! I loved getting to know each one and seeing them grow and learn phentermine that not all people are bad. Each dog was there for me in a different way. After saying goodbye to over 10 amazing dogs, I met Gibson. Due to an illness, I knew I would need a very special dog that I could handle if I ever wanted to keep one. A hyper, strong-willed puppy would not work. From the moment I saw Gibson, too lazy to even get out of his crate, I knew he was a keeper. It wasn’t just me that noticed, everyone in my life made a comment on how special this dog was. His favorite activity is cuddling on the couch, he adjusts to new routines with no trouble, and he even stands up on his back legs for me to put his leash on when I can’t bend over. He even won the heart of my boyfriend, who was not too keen on having a dog. You just know when you meet the right dog. If I had never started fostering, I never would have met Gibson, or any of the other amazing dogs along the way. Each one teaches you something new; each one is an adventure; and each adds a smile to your life.” ~Laura

Walrus and Carlotta


We had just purchased our first house and were talking about getting a dog later in the year to make it feel like a home. Just by chance, I came across Walrus’ photo online. I instantly fell in love with him, and we filled out the application immediately. We waited anxiously to hear back from the rescue. I was so worried that he had already been adopted. Then the news came, both good and bad. Walrus was still available for adoption! But… he had a deformed paw. “That’s it? THAT’S the bad news? A deformed paw? Pfft. We can handle that.” So, the meet & greet was scheduled. He walked in like he owned the place. He found the toys and claimed a spot on the couch. He sat on laps and rolled over for belly rubs. It was love at first lick! He was everything we wanted: big and strong to guard the house, playful, cuddly, and about 1.5 years old. Perfect. Then, more waiting. Would the rescue approve the adoption? Did Walrus’ foster mom like us? Was our house big enough? Yes. Yes. And yes! We got him! We spent the next two weeks collecting supplies: toys, food, treats, leash, harness… It was the longest two weeks of our life! Finally, the big day arrived. His foster mom would bring him after work. We were so excited! And then this picture came in a text message. “Are you sure you don’t want two? ” Um… what? No! Our house is small. This is my first dog. Have you seen our yard? Walrus and Carlotta had been fostered together for a little while and had developed an incredible bond. Their foster mom worked with us and P4P on the details. And just like that, we were getting two. BOGO! We loved the idea of keeping them together, as well as the idea of opening up two more foster spots for other dogs who needed a home can you buy viagra without a prescription. When they showed up, we were surprised at how tiny Carlotta was. “A puppy?! Oh man. What have we gotten ourselves into?” Four months in and we can’t imagine it any other way. There’s never a dull moment with these two nuts. But coming home to their happy, loving faces is like getting a prize every single day. Our family unexpectedly doubled in size so quickly. And it’s perfect. ~Walrus and Carlotta’s Forever Family



“Our little Mocha, she’s an absolute joy! She is such a magnificent little girl. The amount of love and devotion she brings to our home is immeasurable. We really don’t think we are giving her a second chance. We feel more like our home is where Mocha’s always belonged. Unfortunately it just took her a little journey to make it home but we’re so glad she made it. We’re pretty sure she’s happy she made it too. One of our favorite times of the day with Mocha is the morning. We call it “Morning With Mocha”. This is when she likes to wake us up by cuddling real close to us, nuzzling at us, giving us kisses then eventually whipping us with her wagging tail! With such enthusiasm and love, she makes it impossible for us to go back to sleep, nor do we want to. We want to have our “Morning with Mocha”! From cuddling up on the sofa with us, going for walks or playing fetch with Wubba, she truly is everything we’ve ever wanted in a dog. Although we don’t know all of Mochas history, we do know that times looked bleak for her. Thanks to P4P and a wonderful foster family, we were able to make this little low rider a big part of our life. Thank you so much Mike, Megan, Jes, Jon, P4P and all the foster folks at P4P for the amazing job you all do. You really are heroes for all these beautiful dogs. Without you, Mocha wouldn’t of found her way to our home and for that, we are so grateful.”  ~Brian & Deanne