The Crew


MEGAN started fostering shortly after adopting her pitbull from a shelter. Since then, she has fostered many pitties in need and has learned a lot about in-house dog management, helping a dog adjust, and using force-free training methods on any dog of any age and behavior. She wants each dog that comes into the rescue to get the physical and emotional care needed on their journey from foster to forever. Megan knows the ups and downs that opening your home offers and the bittersweet goodbye. There is an epidemic of pitbulls in need. In order to help them, fosters are needed!

MIKE is hands on with the dogs in the rescue. He starts every foster and adopter off on the right foot with literature, including his favorite book entitled: “A Sound Beginning for a Newly Adopted Dog.”, which leads the adopter/foster through the first two weeks of their transition. Mike doesn’t want to dog just to get adopted – he wants the dog to have the best possible home.


One day, KIM found a stray dog and took it in. Unknown to her at the time, it was a pitbull and everyone kept asking “Why are you keeping him? He’s dangerous.” However, there was nothing dangerous about him at all, except smothering you at night because he took up the entire bed. Several years later, and upon hearing all the negative media about pitbulls, Kim decided she wanted to do something to help save these dogs from the cruel characterization they receive and help teach the public about them. Kim started foster a pit, and Guinness was her first. He was a special boy with a frustration barrier and afraid o f several things. Kim fell in love with Guinness and with a slow introduction, as well as the aid of the “2 Week Shutdown” program, Guinness and her pitbull, Tiffany, are now the best of friends. Kim ended up foster failing. Since then, she has continued to foster and spends as much time as she can at Chicago Animal Care and Control, giving the dogs love. Kim knows as much as she tries, one cannot save them all. But she knows fostering not only saves the life of the dog, it also opens up space to save the next dog.


RACHEL started working with Peace for Pits in 2013 when she learned the facts about the bully breed epidemic in Chicago. She has headed the associate board to scale Peace for Pits’ message throughout the city and to help support the education of the community about the truths of these misunderstood souls. Events, Fundraisers and Merchandise: if you have any off-the-wall ideas, she wants to hear them!