“Before moving to Chicago, I had never been around Pitbulls; I did not know much about the breed other than the negative things you hear. I saw a picture of a sad little dog on death row at the pound on facebook and wanted to help. As it turns out, this sweet dog was a pitbull! She came to live with me and sort of became a best friend. I thought I would be sad when she got adopted, but I found myself rooting for her. Seeing her in her knew home was one of the most rewarding things I can think of. When I think back to her terrified face in that first picture and now see her chasing a ball in her new backyard with her new family makes me smile every time. Fostering not only changed this sweet little dog’s life, but also mine. After this great experience, I had to keep fostering. I never knew an animal could express gratitude to a person, but these dogs sure did. I found myself bonding more with my fosters than my own dog! I loved getting to know each one and seeing them grow and learn phentermine that not all people are bad. Each dog was there for me in a different way. After saying goodbye to over 10 amazing dogs, I met Gibson. Due to an illness, I knew I would need a very special dog that I could handle if I ever wanted to keep one. A hyper, strong-willed puppy would not work. From the moment I saw Gibson, too lazy to even get out of his crate, I knew he was a keeper. It wasn’t just me that noticed, everyone in my life made a comment on how special this dog was. His favorite activity is cuddling on the couch, he adjusts to new routines with no trouble, and he even stands up on his back legs for me to put his leash on when I can’t bend over. He even won the heart of my boyfriend, who was not too keen on having a dog. You just know when you meet the right dog. If I had never started fostering, I never would have met Gibson, or any of the other amazing dogs along the way. Each one teaches you something new; each one is an adventure; and each adds a smile to your life.” ~Laura

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