This article, published in the summer of 2013, speaks of a man who killed his dog because he tore his shirt — then a small blurb at the end talks about a pitbull named Fox who had padlocks around his neck. That pitbull Fox is Peace for Pit‘s Crash:

Crash was a part of Safe Humane Chicago at the shelter. And we quickly rescued this boy, but soon found out—he had a lot of energy and lacked impulse control. A wonderful foster family, who owns The Wigglebutt Dog House Doggy Daycare and Sleepovers, Indianapolis took him and wore him out. While other dogs were sleeping at daycare, Crash was still jumping around. He has waited over a year in his foster home.

Last night, we got an update from his foster family.

“It is funny how things work with dogs. The minute I saw Jax I knew he was the dog for us, and you guys know how I felt about Batman when we first met him. Crash has been a different labor of love… but a labor of love nonetheless. There are some dogs who are easy and some who are better because of the emotional investment. I haven’t met many dogs that are more accepting and tolerant of other dogs than he is—it has always been friends at first sight. While working thru some of his behaviors has been frustrating at times, it has also been greatly rewarding. I believe Crash and I have been and are good for each other,and we have developed a real bond. He is the first one to greet me when I get home and the last one to watch when I leave. If it is building a deck, grilling dinner or starting a fire in the fireplace—he is there at my side. Probably wishing he had thumbs so he could help—his greatest reward is my attention and affection. Working with him and understanding what he responds to and how to relate to him has made me better. I love him and it just wouldn’t feel right coming home to a house without him. I believe he is where he needs to be—it is clear that he feels comfortable and safe here and he is part of our crazy family.

While I hope you guys give us the green light to adopt him, my greater hope is that you understand this is an adoption born solely out of love and a family bond. This is his forever home and would be the perfect Christmas gift for us to officially make it his forever home.”

We can’t say we didn’t cry while reading this. We took Crash on a meet and greet and when we returned him to his foster family—he cried in happiness from our car window at this sight of his foster mom. He never wanted to be with anyone else. We are happy to end this year saying that Crash has been officially adopted. Thank you to adopters who understand them as the individuals they are. And tonight, we Cheers to you Crash! You are adopted!

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