Walrus and Carlotta


We had just purchased our first house and were talking about getting a dog later in the year to make it feel like a home. Just by chance, I came across Walrus’ photo online. I instantly fell in love with him, and we filled out the application immediately. We waited anxiously to hear back from the rescue. I was so worried that he had already been adopted. Then the news came, both good and bad. Walrus was still available for adoption! But… he had a deformed paw. “That’s it? THAT’S the bad news? A deformed paw? Pfft. We can handle that.” So, the meet & greet was scheduled. He walked in like he owned the place. He found the toys and claimed a spot on the couch. He sat on laps and rolled over for belly rubs. It was love at first lick! He was everything we wanted: big and strong to guard the house, playful, cuddly, and about 1.5 years old. Perfect. Then, more waiting. Would the rescue approve the adoption? Did Walrus’ foster mom like us? Was our house big enough? Yes. Yes. And yes! We got him! We spent the next two weeks collecting supplies: toys, food, treats, leash, harness… It was the longest two weeks of our life! Finally, the big day arrived. His foster mom would bring him after work. We were so excited! And then this picture came in a text message. “Are you sure you don’t want two? ” Um… what? No! Our house is small. This is my first dog. Have you seen our yard? Walrus and Carlotta had been fostered together for a little while and had developed an incredible bond. Their foster mom worked with us and P4P on the details. And just like that, we were getting two. BOGO! We loved the idea of keeping them together, as well as the idea of opening up two more foster spots for other dogs who needed a home can you buy viagra without a prescription. When they showed up, we were surprised at how tiny Carlotta was. “A puppy?! Oh man. What have we gotten ourselves into?” Four months in and we can’t imagine it any other way. There’s never a dull moment with these two nuts. But coming home to their happy, loving faces is like getting a prize every single day. Our family unexpectedly doubled in size so quickly. And it’s perfect. ~Walrus and Carlotta’s Forever Family

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