“Our little Mocha, she’s an absolute joy! She is such a magnificent little girl. The amount of love and devotion she brings to our home is immeasurable. We really don’t think we are giving her a second chance. We feel more like our home is where Mocha’s always belonged. Unfortunately it just took her a little journey to make it home but we’re so glad she made it. We’re pretty sure she’s happy she made it too. One of our favorite times of the day with Mocha is the morning. We call it “Morning With Mocha”. This is when she likes to wake us up by cuddling real close to us, nuzzling at us, giving us kisses then eventually whipping us with her wagging tail! With such enthusiasm and love, she makes it impossible for us to go back to sleep, nor do we want to. We want to have our “Morning with Mocha”! From cuddling up on the sofa with us, going for walks or playing fetch with Wubba, she truly is everything we’ve ever wanted in a dog. Although we don’t know all of Mochas history, we do know that times looked bleak for her. Thanks to P4P and a wonderful foster family, we were able to make this little low rider a big part of our life. Thank you so much Mike, Megan, Jes, Jon, P4P and all the foster folks at P4P for the amazing job you all do. You really are heroes for all these beautiful dogs. Without you, Mocha wouldn’t of found her way to our home and for that, we are so grateful.”  ~Brian & Deanne

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