Why Foster?


training-img-p4pHave you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I’m so lucky to have found my dog” I wonder what his life was like before he became part of my life. There are still too many dogs waiting and hoping for the security of a family and most of all love. Whether they are a stray or owner surrender the existence in daily shelter life tears at the heart and health of the dog and there are only two exits. One leads to a second chance, a happy ending, a miracle, the other leads to just an ending.

“First, you sit and wait with your nose pressed against the steel bars with animal control staff watching over you. You see the occasional shelter volunteer and you wait for anyone to stop and pay attention. There are so many of us and it is so loud and stressful. The yelping, barking, crying, whimpering, scratching at the floors and walls, it starts to get to you. Worse yet is when it stops, when you know the dog down the hall has been crying for days and suddenly he goes silent. You know he is still down there, you can smell him, the staff still takes food and water his way, you hear them marking his chart. It eats you up inside, because you know that he has given up all hope of ever finding his forever family. You tell yourself that’s not going to happen to me, that you are strong and the next rescue worker that walks the corridor is going to pull you, they’re going to save you.

Rescues can only pull (adopt, save, rescue, take guardianship) animals from shelters if there is a foster home available to take the dog and provide an immediate safe haven where the dog can transition from shelter life. This gives the rescue organization time to find an appropriate family to match each dog’s personality and the dog to match their family’s lifestyle. Your rescued family member at one time was a beneficiary of such kindnesses and helped to transition on his path to becoming the dog he or she is today by a foster family.

You and your family including your four-legged family member have a chance to mentor and give that happily ever after to another family. You will teach your children about the unselfish gift of volunteerism and charity. Plus give your dog a chance to show off their social skills with a fellow K-9 in need of companionship.”




Why foster for Peace for Pits?

Volunteer rescue work is a challenge, but as with every challenge there comes rewards. In today’s world of animal welfare, organizations like our very own Peace for Pits is paving the way in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming of bully breeds. We are doing this through education and a solid support system within our rescue enabling our volunteers to reach out to the community.

Fostering within the P4P’s family of volunteers not only gives you an opportunity to save the life of a dog in need, but to develop lifelong friendships within a network of dog lovers, professionals and advocates. Our community is here to ensure your fostering experience is a success not only for the dog, but for you. Our goal is to rehabilitate and re-home the dog, while educating and supporting you with all the best tools & advice available from the positive reinforcement training model. Happy, positive fosters produce happy, positive dogs!

We’re going to start you off with:

  • Crate
  • Fromm’s dry dog food
  • Freedom no-pull harness
  • Collar
  • A Sound Beginning: Setting the Right Tone For Your Newly Adopted Dog—How to Build a Relationship and Gain Trust by Julie Dorsey-Oskerka, Patricia Rattray and Rebecca Cann
  • A network of local trainers to assist in training and behavior issues.
  • Two Week Shutdown Brochure on how to give your dog two weeks to decompress upon arriving at the home

Who should be a foster?

If you can handle unconditional love, furry four-legged friends who can’t hold their lickers and the occasional bed hog, this might be a job for you. Fosters must be able to provide a safe environment for our dogs, while ensuring the dog receives the highest quality of care under your supervision. Basic canine knowledge, a willingness to learn, plus attending training classes to enhance your dog’s life and trips to the veterinary office might be required.

If this is something you are interested in, please complete a foster application. A Peace for Pits representative will contact you and discuss the various options open to our family of fosters.

Be the person who steps up, giving safe haven to a frightened dog begging for the happy ending exit, his miracle. He is matted, sore, limping, depressed, lonely, unwanted and on the verge of giving up hope. He has forgotten what it feels like to be loved, but still gives love. He is waiting for you.

In opening up your home and heart, you will make a world of difference to him. You will be providing a second chance at life, a time to heal both emotionally and physically. You will restore his faith in mankind through love, trust and friendship. You will be the bridge between the cold concrete floor of the shelter and his adoptive warm loving forever home, because you have the power to work miracles.

Foster support system

All fosters will be in constant contact with our amazing foster coordinator, Cerissa. Fosters will also be invited to join a private Foster/Adopter Facebook group, where you can share your rants and raves and get support from our network of volunteers and adopters!


We also have a public, foster outreach program called What The Foster? Click here to see more!

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