Tagg’s (now Ace) ow arrested for selling drugs on a street corner, and Tagg was with him. He signed Tagg over to the city and Tagg became a part of Safe Humane who worked with him while he was in the shelter. Tagg was saved by a Peace For Pits foster, and then found a dedicated adopter…

“We lost our wonderful boy Blackjack in December, and our home and our hearts felt really empty. We could never replace him, but we missed having a furry friend, so we decided to look into possibly rescuing a dog. Ace caught our eye (with those gorgeous eyes of his!), and so we decided to give the foster-to-adopt a try. Over our Christmas break, we became fast friends. He always wants to cuddle and always has more kisses to give, and he has really helped to mend our broken hearts. I like to think that we have helped him a lot too. Although we are still working through the separation anxiety, he is such a fast learner and loves doing training sessions with us. We couldn’t  imagine our life without our smart boy now!” ~Laura

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