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“Hard to believe it hasn’t been longer, but JoJo has been a part of the crew for one year now. She is my first Pittie and I’ve learned so much about the breed through her and this group. At first I was worried since Jo isn’t the kind of gal who is able to hang at the dog park or have dog buddies on the outside, but she is the absolute sweetest girl around. Her tag line should be,’I’m just happy to be here’ because as long as you’re around, she’s having the best day ever. Her e…ternal joy is contagious, and whether you’re gone for 3 minutes or 3 hours she celebrates your return by smothering you with love and shaking her booty so hard I think she may break her tail. She has become my constant companion, and is a loving, gentle sister to Wally. I can’t imagine my life without her. Thank you to Mark Brottman and family for fostering her and allowing her to join our family!”

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