What the Foster?

What the Foster?! is a Peace for Pits, Inc sponsored foster outreach group based out of Chicago, Il. In 2017 alone, Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) took in 7,224 dogs and 5,898 cats (CACC 2017 Statistics). Of all of those animals who were taken in, only 5,245 dogs and 4,904 cats found themselves the safety of a home outside of a shelter (CACC 2017 Statistics). While we applaud the tremendous work that CACC and the various rescue groups in chicago have put in over the years to see that these numbers continue to go up, we aim to see them go up even more! Fostering is an essential process of rescuing dogs here in Chicago. When a rescue group doesn’t have a facility to hold dogs they intend on adopting out they depend on Fosters. Fosters will take in homeless dogs and provide them with love, care, and attention while they seek out their furever homes. Foster parents also act as advocates for the dogs as they will become the most familiar with them and will be able to help determine which furever homes would be the best fit. This helps reduce the return rates and ensure that the dogs being rescued stay rescued!
The primary goal of What the Foster?! is to raise awareness about the importance of fostering animals. It will be a platform where anyone can ask questions they may have and see for themselves just how vital fostering is in the process of rescuing animals. The ultimate goal is to see that the number of animals being pulled from CACC will increase each year!
As many fosters already know, while fostering is a wonderful and rewarding experience, there are times when it can be difficult. Here at What the Foster, we believe in creating a community that can encourage you through the tough times and help you celebrate the great ones! You shouldn’t feel alone when you are fostering and we aim to create a community which will support one another throughout the fostering experience.