Bianca was surrendered by her former owner because she was a gift from her boyfriend, and since they were no longer together, she didn’t want her. The shelter noise overwhelmed Bianca and she refused to leave her kennel—even when a rescue was there to take her to a much better life. She was carried out of her kennel, and placed in a yard with grass near the shelter. Still she didn’t move. She was offered treats and refused them; she turned her head, curled up tighter and when she was coaxed to stand, she was unable to put weight on her back legs. She was simply overwhelmed with fear. The rescue carried her to a car and she curled up in a ball, just hoping this ride was leading her to a kinder life. Her forever family fell for her at first sight! And since the day she came home with them, they have loved and worshiped her, and cannot imagine their life without their Pit. Bianca is still fearful, but through love, patience, and sound beginning classes she is thriving more and more every day.

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