“Before I got Bella, I had been volunteering at Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC). I desperately wanted another dog, specifically a Pit or Pit mix, but just didn’t have the space. So, as soon as I got settled into my new condo, I filled out an application with Peace for Pits. I was flexible on meeting different dogs since the one I was initially interested in had heartworm and needed time to get better. The most important factor would be whether my current dog accepted the new addition. Mike called me to do the initial interview and asked if I would be interested in going to CACC to meet a dog they were rescuing that night. I jumped at the opportunity. The dog I saw was so dirty and scarred, but she still had such spirit; her tail was wagging and you could tell she just needed some love. I waited anxiously for Bella to recover from kennel cough in her foster home while my application was being processed.

The day came for a meet-and-greet between Bella and Barrett and if all went well, I’d be able to keep her for a foster-to-adopt period. I was ecstatic when they sniffed each other calmly and walked side by side with no issues. When we got upstairs, Bella immediately climbed onto my couch and made herself comfortable. I knew in that instant she was not going anywhere. Bella and Barrett have become best buds—they are so cute together and make me laugh constantly. My favorite thing about Bella is when I come home from work, she yips like a puppy and zooms around the house with such excitement. I would have never expected this level of energy from that dog I met at the shelter.

Bella was not the prettiest dog when I first met her, but over time some of her scars have healed and her coat is now shiny. My dad, a retriever lover at heart, constantly remarks about what a good-looking dog she is. He is jealous that she loves to cuddle so much and takes every opportunity to snuggle with her during visits. She has so much love to dish out to everyone she meets. She still has some issues from her former life that we are working on and may work on forever. I am not the most patient person and I credit Bella for helping me understand that some things just take time. She may not be the perfect dog, but she is certainly perfect for my family.” ~Bella’s Owner


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